Categories: Church, Helping, Humanity


What a word, a word that is heard many times at Wesley. Seems there is always something going on. But isn’t that great, sharing the work, sharing the laughs. fellowship with other volunteers, along with sharing sore feet and aching backs, does make for some interesting times.

When the work is done and it’s time to sit down what a great feeling of accomplishment, the feet don’t seem as sore and the back seems to be alright now.

Volunteers ………..what a great group of people. Isn’t it funny that the more you have for an event, the less each person has to do.

Many people will “help out” but will not be in charge. That sure is a mistake, being in charge at Wesley means that you probably do less because you have so many who will help you. I have stood back and watched a group go about their business during an event, setting up tables and chairs, decorating, looking after food, cleaning up and many other chores that come with putting on an event.

As a new year begins at Wesley with all the up and coming things that will take place, it would be great if you only pick one thing to volunteer your time to accomplish. Until you do, you will never know just how great you will feel.

Be a part of the Wesley Family Volunteers, you will surely be rewarded.

Jane Jackson