Prayer Chain

Anyone needing prayer themselves or wishing prayer for someone else is encouraged to contact the Prayer Chain Coordinator.

If you submit someone else’s name please include that person’s phone number. Prayers will be lifted to God for a period of two weeks, or for as long as requested if there is a specific period of need or if needs are ongoing.

All prayer requests are confidential and will be shared only with those on the Prayer Chain. You may contact Bonnie Barrett, the Prayer Chain Coordinator at her confidential telephone number 905-732-7449 or by e-mail to

Prayer Chain Volunteers

If you are willing to be a person who will pray daily in your own home and at your convenience for those on the Prayer Chain please contact the Prayer Chain Coordinator Bonnie Barrett. It only needs to be a simple prayer such as “I pray today for _____________ in whatever her/his needs may be”.
God knows what people’s needs are. Everyone, no matter who you are, can pray. Please consider being part of this important ministry.