About Us

Our Congregation is a part of the United Church of Canada, a progressive denomination of the Christian faith.

Who We Are

The congregation is the community of people who gather together at Wesley. The Congregation is served by our minister, Rev. Kim Wright, who is paid by the congregation and provides leadership, education, and worship. Wesley has other paid staff such as our music director, organist, youth coordinator, office administrator, and caretaker.
While the minister and staff have special roles in the life of our congregation, the members and volunteers are responsible for “running” the church.

What We Believe

  • we value the presence of God in our midst as we worship and grow together;
  • we value God’s leading through the Holy Spirit, striving to discover our purpose;
  • we value inclusive fellowship, open doors, hearts and open minds;
  • we value you and what you bring to this fellowship;
  • we value compassion expressed to one another and to the community.


We are a church with open doors, and you are welcome here. In time, we hope that you will find a home here and recognize that this is a safe place to explore what it means to know God.

If you regularly attend Wesley United Church we consider you a part of our congregation and a part of our church family. If you have come to feel that Wesley is your home, you may wish to consider “formally joining” our congregation as a full member.

Church membership is a covenant between the congregation and an individual. The individual promises to be a part of the life and work of the church and the congregation promises to support the individual in his/her quest to follow Christ.

Normally, those who wish to enter into membership in this congregation do so through, baptism, confirmation, profession or reaffirmation of faith, or by transfer from another Christian church or another United Church congregation. If you would like to know more about how you may formally join our membership, please contact one of our ministers.

For more information about the United Church of Canada, please visit www.united-church.ca