Sept. 19, 2023


We begin this gathering by acknowledging the land on which we gather is the traditional  territory of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples, many of whom continue to live and  work here today. This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties and is within the land  protected by the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Agreement. Today this gathering place is home  to many First Nations, Metis and Inuit people and acknowledging reminds us that our great  standard of living is directly related to the resources and friendship of Indigenous peoples. 


Rev. Lennox Scarlett, Tom Wilkinson (W&M), Joan Simpson,  Heather Denoncourt (M&P),  Marilyn Daniels, Carol Sernasie, Kathy Young (Memorial), Shelly Gault, Shawn McCart  (Fundraising), Wendy Reed (M&P, WOW), Dave Reed (Men’s Group, Treasurer, Finance), Del  Fraipont (Property), Bev Cutler (C.D.), Hugh Graham (Acting Chair), Leanne Trewartha (Acting  Secretary)


Doug Willford (Regional Council Rep., Library)


The meeting was called to order at 6:58  p.m.

Opening Prayer: 

Rev. Scarlett led us in prayer.

Approval of Agenda, as amended:  

Moved by:  Wendy Reed  Seconded by: Dave Reed

Carried:  √

Approval of Minutes of previous meetings: 

The minutes from the June meeting were not made available to Council members.  This will be  looked into and forwarded before our next meeting where we will approve them.

This prompted a discussion regarding the process needed to prevent this from happening again. It was decided that all committee reports should be submitted to Shawn one week before each  Council meeting.  Shawn will then upload these on our website so that they are available for  every member of Council to read prior to the meeting.  It was also decided that all minutes will  be available on our website two days after each meeting.




Email regarding Sunday School coverage:

We had a Sunday where there was no-one at Church to look after the Sunday School.  We need  a back up plan should this happen again.  The C.D. Committee will look into this.

Email(s) to Nominations Committee:  Hugh read a letter of Resignation from Carol Sernasie.

Motion: That we respectfully accept the resignation of Carol Sernasie as Chair of Council for Wesley  United Church.

Moved by:.  Hugh Graham        Seconded by: Dave Reed

Carried: v

Committee Reports: 

Board of Trustees:

  • No report.

Christian Development:

  • Dan is sending his Bible study by email and Sunday School has started. I have yet to hear from  the Scouts since they heard about the flood. I will message them to find out what is happening,  unless they have been in touch with Del about this.
  • Bev indicated that she heard from the Scouts and that they have started back with their  meetings.  All the leaders will be meeting on October 3rd and report back to her. • Submitted by Bev Cutler


The Fundraising Committee met on September 14 to discuss Wesley’s Fundraising efforts for the next 4  months. Here is what will be organizing:

Wesley Waffles

To be sold frozen and packaged to our congregation members on a per order basis. We will put out a call  for orders once we finalize our prices based on today’s product costs.

Wesley’s 1st Annual Music Trivia Night

This event will take place in Robins’ Hall on Saturday, November 25.

There will be a maximum of 12 teams of 8 players.

The cost will be $25 per player of $200 per table of 8.

There will also be a silent auction, a 50/50 draw, and a cash bar to help us raise more funds during this  fun evening!

Poinsettia Sales & Wesley Calendar Sales

Wesley Fundraising Committee is looking into two more possible fundraisers presented by Marilyn  Daniels. The first one is to partner with Vermeer’s Garden Centre in selling Poinsettia’s to our  congregation for the upcoming Christmas season. And the second is to sell calendars with photos of the  people of Wesley. More details to follow.

Looks like it will be a very busy Fall and Winter Season for the Fundraising Committee. Submitted by Shawn McCart


Membership & Outreach:

We met in the parlor on Tuesday, Sept. 12th at 9:30 a.m.  Present: Doris Carbert, Auriol Rapin , Shelley  Gault and Wendy Reed.  Regrets :Joan Simpson. This was my first M.& O. meeting to chair

  • Our Committee really needs to focus on Membership. Welcome group from our committee and  other members of our Wesley Family is being formed to make sure all new people are  welcomed, asked their name and welcome them back the next week and beyond if they return.  Invite them up to Coffee Hour and show them the way.
  • Have Shawn put a Fellowship and Refreshments Announcement as part of the Sunday service  Announcements so that new folks know about this and are welcome to join us. Done.
  • A kindness quote of the week in each What’s up at Wesley
  • Our Outreach for Wesley this year will be called ” Outreach in Our Own Backyard ” ( things to  start up gradually)
  1. Welcome international students from Niagara College. Please see note below. 2. A start up monthly Senior’s Group at Wesley
  2. A start up Young Women’s Group / Young Mom’s Group
  3. A start up Family Night
  4. A start up Kid’s Fun Group  ( day or night time …to be decided)
  • Lots  more ideas to consider
  • We will have 3 Food Drives planned for the Hope Center. The first one starting this Sunday for  Thanksgiving. The second starting the end of Jan. when food has run out for many people.  The  third one in May or June.
  • We will have a Mitten Tree and Children’s Toy Drive the end of Nov. and part way into Dec.

The Welcome Niagara Students information. Please read before the meeting so we can all vote on the  motion.

Grace from Niagara College is proposing and hopes our Committee and C.C. agrees to her ideas.

A Welcome Gathering of New International Students from Niagara College to happen at Wesley on Sat.  Sept. 30th from 4 to 8 p.m.  This would involve a 100 or so students depending on how many can come.  Grace would be doing the advertisement and selling tickets. The money would be paying for their meal  ( their part…see further down) and if any money left over it would be going to their Student Fund. There  would be some older students from Niagara College and staff present to welcome and speak with them  about any problems or concerns they might have and other information they wish to share with the  students. They would like this gathering to be a time of fellowship for the students and for them to feel  welcomed to our Community.  They would very much like this gathering to be outside in our side yard if  possible.  Grace will be getting a cook to cook their familiar dishes to help them feel more comfortable  away from their homes. I mentioned we would be present in the kitchen if they needed help with  anything.

Our part:

They asked that Lennox, on behalf of Wesley, welcome and speak with them. Lennox has agreed to  come. We will set up tables and chairs in the hall for their meal (between 5 and 6 or so) I mentioned that  Lennox would say the blessing. We would supply the paper or plastic plates and napkins, etc.  beverages…water, juice and pop and fresh fruit for dessert.

I told her alcohol would NOT be allowed.  If they wish to play music, as they suggested, it will need to be  softened as Wesley Robins folks live close by. If this is a go, I will be going over to Wesley Robins to let


them know this is happening. I would very much like a few Wesley folks to be there to help welcome  them to Welland and Wesley that day. if you are able to help out or be present for a few hours that day  please let me know.

This will be a part of M. & O. ” Outreach in Our Own Backyard” initiative. Perhaps some may wish to join  us at our worship services as they would be most welcome to be a part of our family. We can give them  HOPE and share our compassion from Wesley.

Submitted by Wendy Reed

Horseshoe Falls Regional Council Report:

Just over a month ago I sent a report to council members about the upcoming category 3 remit  concerning an Autonomous National Indigenous Organization.  I do hope council members have  had time to review this information.  At a future meeting of council I would like to make this an  agenda item for discussion.

The next HFRC Fall meeting will be Friday, October 14 and Saturday October 15th. I continue to forward the HFRC Newsletter to those members of council who would like it and  snippets to those who indicated that choice.

Doug Willford


  • The Memorial Garden has been beautiful all summer and enjoyed by many.  Lights that were  installed earlier in the year enhance the garden in the evenings.  The Committee is in the process  of getting plaques made up for all those who have a memoriam in the garden.  A new light  weight hose has replaced the heavy hose making it much easier to keep the garden watered.  No  smoking stickers have been placed on the back of each of the three benches.  Many thanks to  Del Fraipont for being an Honorary Member of this Committee, making sure all needs are met. Submitted by Kathy Young

Men’s Group:

  • No report.


Ministry & Personnel:

  • Nothing to report.
  • It was suggested that during Staff Evaluations that we should consider the cost of our  current staffing and if there should be some cuts.

Submitted by Heather Denoncourt, Acting Chair


The Nominations Committee has been kept very busy over the summer with changes to Committees and  to the Council. We wanted to bring them to your attention, and all in one place at the same time.

These changes will require ratification at the next regular Council meeting, which will take place  September 19 at 7:00 p.m.

  1. Carol Sernasie has submitted her resignation as Chair of Council, effective August 31, 2023 2. Carol has been offered, and accepted, a seat on Council as member-at-large


  1. Joan Simpson, who has just led our Search Team in a successful quest for our new minister, was  asked to serve as an interim Chair of Council, until the next AGM in March of 2024. Joan has  accepted our offer to fill this position.
  2. Marilyn Daniels was asked to serve as Secretary of Council, a position that has been vacant since  the last AGM in March of this year. Marilyn has accepted this role.
  3. Shelley Gault, who resigned as Chair of Membership and Outreach at the end of June (this was  ratified at June Council meeting), has been offered the second member-at-large position on  Council. She has accepted this position.
  4. Wendy Reed has expressed interest in being Chair of Membership and Outreach as of September  1. We have accepted this offer and welcome her to the M&O committee.

Please join us in thanking all of these individuals for services rendered in the past and offered for the  future. As always, if you have an interest in any committee, or ideas for Wesley, please contact the  Nominations Committee.

Submitted by Hugh Graham


  1. Summer lawn cutting was done by Paul’s lawn Care.

Hedge trimming and curb weed cleaning was done by property

Volunteers. In 2024 we plan to include curb weed leaning in the

Lawn care contract.

  1. New Shed….. as per our agreement with WRRV to return the middle

Garage , that the Church has been using for 25+ years as our garbage

Storage and our garage sale item storage, back to them by early September.

To do so the Church had decided to erect their own storage shed.

A concrete pad (14’ x 12’) was poured in mid August and a group of 6

Volunteers erected a storage shed that had been purchased from Costco.

The shed is now in use and the garage has been returned to WRRV for

their use.  Cost of concrete pad and Shed  apprx. $5800.

  1. In mid July we had a flood in our lower hall area that included the hall,

the Sunday School room, the scout room, the nursery, the storage room.


The flood was a result of a rain storm on Saturday July 15 and the resulting

failure of the sump pump. The sump pump has been replaced, the water clean  up was done by volunteers  ( we did get a quote from Paul Davis for water

clean up ). Fans and dehumidifiers were used to dry out the area. The Church has  put in a claim to replace carpets in the Nursery and scout room as they were soaked  with water and concerns with dampness lingering and causing mold issues.

We also had some card board boxes of archived paper work damaged by the water. We are currently getting 2 quotes from flooring companies and working with our  Insurance claims adjuster.

  1. Snow contract for the 2023-24 winter season . we are currently getting updated Contract quote for the upcoming winter. Plans are to use the same contractor as  last year….. Bernier Contracting. With Bernier as our contractor last year the  overall cost for snow plowing and salting was about $7000 less than the

previous year. NOTE: WRRV wants to talk with us re possible coordination of contractor for this winter season.

  1. Some Electrical work is scheduled for the lower hall area on Tuesday Sept. 26/23. New lighting will be installed in the storage room and 15 outlets are being

Upgraded with new outlet fixtures.

  1. Property committee in reviewing outside cost of janitor services find janitorial        service providers are charging $25 /hr. minimum and we feel the wage rate of the        Church’s janitor should be reviewed and a rate considered to reflect the cost if we were       to get this service provided by an outside individual or company. Other benefits    through the church should be considered….. holiday pay, employment insurance etc.       This will be discussed when Job reviews are done.


  1. The Church’s facilities rental program is back on track with our regular renters  returning after the summer recess.

Camera Club ( 2 Wednesday evenings /month)

Horticultural club ( 1 Wednesday evening / month)

Ladies Cribbage league ( every Tuesday evening)

Dance It exercise ( Tuesday and Friday Mornings)

Plus our personal renters for birthdays, showers etc.

Submitted by Del Fraipont

Treasurer’s Report/Finance:


DATE: Friday September 12, 2023

PRESENT:   Dave Reed, Wendy Reed, Craig Evans, & Leanne Trewartha.


  • Since our last meeting, the CEBA loan has been paid in full.
  • Motion to accept minutes of the last meeting moved by Craig and seconded by Leanne. Carried


  • The Local Ministry Fund (LMF) has benefitted greatly from the $240,000 Bequest from the Estate  of Kay Jones.  We also had lower Minister related costs since Gordon was at half salary with no  pension related costs (this will help offset the change from COL group 3 to 4 (6.4% increase).   The envelope income was lower and the PAR donations higher, mainly due to a donor switching  to PAR.  The pay schedule has changed to once a month.


  • We received a $717, 2022 benefits rebate from the UCC.  A portion went to Shawn and the rest  was credited against this year’s benefits costs to Wesley.

GIFT CARDS ETC. (abbreviated information from the CRA & Eric Mathiesen) 

  • Cash or near cash gifts for Staff, must be added to T4’s.  Cannot have a tax receiptable collection to pass on.  The gift needs to be determined by the board.  Create a Separate Fund that people  could donate to?
  • Gift cards should be store/business specific.


  • The Annual Financial Review (previously referred to as an Audit) for the year 2022, will be  conducted by Elinor Doyle and Jeff Garner on September 18th.  This review has taken place and  the Finance Committee will look at the report and speak to it at the next Council meeting.



  • The Envelope Steward reports that since Lennox has started, we have had some people ask for  envelopes!


Submitted by Dave Reed, Treasurer

Worship & Music:

W&M has not yet met in September due to scheduling difficulties. Nothing to report from July. Submitted by Tom Wilkinson, Chair


Our last meeting was held on Sept.11th with 14 ladies in attendance. We were very pleased to  welcome two new ladies to WOW. We had 8 regular attending ladies absent for various reasons.

  • We had a moving devotional by Carol Sernasie on the events of Nine Eleven. She was  the first person we knew that was actually there that day and experienced the horror and  sorrow first hand. It was very emotional for all of was. Thank you Carol.We reviewed our  finances and still hope to give $700 to M. & S. Fund and $500 to Wesley’s Local Fund by  the end of the year and we will continue to buy needed supplies for the kitchen.
  • It was decided unanimously to have a Halloween Luncheon on Thursday. Oct. 26th from  12 :30 until 3:00 p. m. The date and times were booked with the office for the whole day  until 4: 30 p.m. to get everything cleaned up. This event has not happened since Covid.  and we are all looking forward to it. Everyone is invited to attend. Tickets will go on sale  in Oct.
  • Sheets were handed out regarding Funeral Luncheon costs. The sheets were to be taken  home and to be filled in how they felt and handed back by the end of this month. All  sheets are anonymous and the majority will be defined. We will revisit this every four  months.
  • Around the room conversations were very enjoyable for all to hear, followed by  refreshments.
  • Our next meeting with be held on Monday Oct. 2nd as Thanksgiving follows on the  second Mon. of the month, our usual meeting date. All ladies are very welcome to join us.

Submitted by Wendy Reed

Motions Arising from Committee Reports:

Motion: That we approve the ” Welcome International Students of Niagara College Event” to be held at  Wesley on September 30th.

Moved by: Wendy Reed.        Seconded by: Tom Wilkinson

Carried: v


Motion: That we approve Joan Simpson as Chair of Council of Wesley United Church, for the interim  period until the rise of the next Annual General Meeting.

Moved by: Hugh Graham             Seconded by: Wendy Reed

Carried: v

Motion: That we approve Marilyn Daniels as the Secretary of Council of Wesley United Church. Moved by: Hugh Graham        Seconded by: Dave Reed

Carried: v

Motion: That we approve Carole Sernasie as a Member-at-Large of Council of Wesley United Church. Moved by: Hugh Graham        Seconded by: Heather Denoncourt

Carried: v

Motion: That we approve Shelley Gault as a Member-at-Large of Council of Wesley United Church. Moved by: Hugh Graham        Seconded by: Shawn McCart

Carried: v

Motion: That we approve Wendy Reed as Chair of Membership & Outreach Committee of Wesley United  Church.

Moved by: Hugh Graham        Seconded by: Kathy Young

Carried: v

Motion: That we approve Shelley Gault as a member of the Membership & Outreach Committee of  Wesley United Church.

Moved by: Hugh Graham        Seconded by: Heather Denoncourt

Carried: v

Motion: That we approve Shelley Gault as a member of the Fundraising Committee of Wesley United  Church.

Moved by: Hugh Graham        Seconded by: Del Fraipont

Carried: v

Motion:  That Council approves the September committee reports as a docket.   Moved by: Tom Wilkinson  Seconded by:  Del Fraipont

Carried: v

Minister’s Report:  

Lennox indicated that after three weeks, he is “settling” in but not “settled”. He would like to have the dates and times of the committee meetings so that he can attend.  He  has attended the Search Committee and Worship and Music Committee meetings so far.

Over the next few months he would love to visit and give Communion to shut-ins and is hoping  that he can find volunteers to do this with him.

He is concerned that we are not reaching out to the number of people in our Congregation who  are experiencing health issues.

He embraces the idea of our September 30th event  – Welcoming Gathering of New  International Students from Niagara College.  A great way to connect with our community.

He would also like to visit homes in the community around Wesley and leave flyers (which he  will work with Shawn to create).


He spoke to Avery about youth programs and would like to start planning now for Vacation Bible  School in the summer of 2024 as well at looking to create other Seasonal Programs for our  Youth Ministry.

Lennox spoke about trying to consolidate some of committees and to add a Children/Youth  Committee.  He spoke about the need for a Pastoral Care Committee – we informed  him that  we have a Pastoral Care Team that is trained here at Wesley.  If we are going to add or change  committee structure, it was suggested that it should be soon (before our Congregational  Meeting in February 2024).

Marilyn Daniels will send updated copies of our By-Laws to Lennox.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes: 

  • Community Garden:  Tom Wilkinson will put a note in “What’s Up” and the contact  person will be Leanne Trewartha
  • Advocacy/Social Justice:

Tom Wilkinson will write up an explanation and put it in “What’s Up”.  It was suggested  that we invite members of other churches in Welland to a “sit down” meeting here at Wesley in  early October to talk and come up with a plan to proceed with this.   Lennox indicated that he  would send out this invitation.  This will help to initiate additional dialogue and relationships  between all of the Churches in our City.

New Business:

  • Suggestion Box: We will put up a suggestion box in the Hall.  Marilyn Daniels will look  after the submissions and bring them to the appropriate committees or council.

Chairperson’s Remarks: Hugh thanked everyone for respecting the “safe place” that we have at  our meeting.  He is grateful for all of the passion and hard work that the members of Council  show for our Church.

Closing Prayer:  Rev. Lennox closed our meeting in prayer


Moved by: Dave Reed    Seconded by: Del Fraipont

Carried: √

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Next meetings:  Tuesday, October 17, 2023 or by call of Chair.



Date:               ______________________________


Chairperson:   ______________________________  Hugh Graham

Secretary:       ______________________________ Leanne Trewartha