Worship and Music

In his minister’s report, Rev. Lennox said the women of Wesley will leading the Mother’s Day service. He is hoping that men will lead the Father’s Day service but has not firmed that up yet. He also wants to have a youth-led service in September.

He said he has received some anonymous feedback that his sermons are too long. That led to a discussion with other members who had heard similar feedback. Rev. Lennox explained that it is sometimes necessary to go longer due to the content which he wants to do justice. Committee members agreed that it could be necessary. Suggestions were to let the congregation know he needed to go a little bit longer, or to inject some humour to keep the congregation attentive. Also, during communion, the announcements will be dropped.

In his music director’s report, George talked about how well the choir is coming along and the transition to him picking hymns. At times, Lennox will need to pick the hymns to go with sermons he’s reading.

The wedding/funeral fee structure was discussed and a comparison between Wesley and several other Niagara United Churches was presented. Rev. Lennox is not going to charge for his services in weddings or funerals so that will make Wesley’s fees the lowest of the churches surveyed.

W&M does not feel any changes should be made.

Doug W has agreed to make rounds with the microphone during sharing of good news and encourage everyone to use it so that watching live or streaming will hear it as well.

Doug, Lennox and Shawn will be working on a brochure for Wesley United. This is not part of the W&M committee, and they will bring the finished product to Council or M&O for final approval.

The church’s phone directory was discussed and was thought to need an update, but the committee discovered that Shawn is updating it regularly.

The church will be celebrating its 67th anniversary in September and would like to honour some members of the congregation. We will do this on an annual basis. Committee chairs are asked to submit names for consideration and a box will be set up for members of the congregation to submit suggestions. Lennox will find a couple of people to work with him on this project.

In round table, Joan asked about putting the Sunday bulletin up on the website and asked Lennox to mention to the congregation that it would be available there.

Delivery of What’s up at Wesley to Wesley Robbins was discussed. Leanne will ask a congregation member from WR who is attending Wesley to deliver to those who are unable to attend.

Doug mentioned a new magazine in the library and Leanne mentioned that we should ask Shawn to print more bulletins. Joan will ask Shawn for more to be printed.

Leanne also asked why we weren’t reading the land acknowledgement anymore. It will be included once a month from now on and Lennox will ask Shawn to include this in the PowerPoint.

Our next meeting will be June 6 at 10 am in the library.