MAY 21, 2024


Present: Auriol Rapin (M&P), Del Fraipont (Property), Shelley Gault (Member-at-Large), Joan Simpson (Chairperson), Hugh Graham (Recording Secretary), Lennox Scarlett (Minister), Dave Reed (Men’s Group, Finance), Wendy Reed (M&O, WOW), Doug Willford (Regional Council Rep.), Kathy Young (Memorial), Bev Cutler (CD)


Regrets: Tom Wilkinson (W&M)


Welcome/Opening: Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.


Opening Prayer:  Doug Willford


Approval of Agenda, as amended:

Moved by: Doug Willford                                Seconded by: Bev Cutler

Carried: Y


Approval of Minutes of March 25, 2024:

Moved by: Shelley Gault                                 Seconded by: Del Fraipont

Carried: Y


Approval of Minutes of April 10, 2024:

Moved by: Kathy Young                                  Seconded by: Dave Reed

Carried: Y


  • Cave Springs Camp Report : Mary Cools
  • Focus of Cave Springs is threefold:
  1. Wish list of various supplies
  2. Bursary Fund donations – envelopes to be left on table with other envelopes
  3. Canoe Program
  • 2024 will provide programs for 4,000 youth
  • Dave Duffus is contact for all Cave Springs matters



Item 1:


Joan Simpson, Chair of Wesley United Church Council, Reverend Lennox Scarlett, Minister of Wesley United Church, Hugh Graham, Past Chair of WUC Council, Dave Reed, Treasurer

This email is to advise you that I am resigning as a Member at Large of the Wesley United Church Council, as of the date of this email (April 17, 2024).

I have enjoyed serving WUC as a member of Council and appreciated the opportunity to serve our congregational family.

I wish Wesley Church and its Council much success and good luck in its future endeavors.

And good health to all who serve.


Carol Sernasie


Action: Respectfully accepted, with thanks


Item 2:
May 20, 2024

To the Church Council:

As per your request Joan, I am submitting this information re record keeping and archives.

Unfortunately, at the present time, there are no up-to-date records that have been submitted to the Church Archives from any of the Committees since the beginning of computers at Wesley. I don’t know when this happened. Is it possible that any record exist – maybe Church Council minutes?

When did past Church Councils decide to go paperless?  What method of record-keeping was put in place for future reference?  Would any previous Council members know?

How important is it for Wesley United Church to keep records of important events for future reference?

Should it be paper or on-line?

Who would have easy access to any on-line information?

Thank you for asking, Joan.


Action: Joan Simpson will review UCC Manual for direction


Committee Reports:
Uploaded to the Council section of the website at


Christian Development

  • As reported



  • As reported
  • Moving expenses for Lennox had been budgeted at $5K to $10K – actual was $2650
  • Council members are listed as Directors on the charitable return filed with CRA


Motion: To remove Sharon Olesevich as an authorized Signee and to add Ivy Busalpa as an authorized Signee for Wesley United Church’s CIBC Chequing Account (96-01813).

Moved: Dave Reed                                          Seconded: Doug Willford

Carried: Y



  • As reported
  • T-shirts and polo shirts will be available for sale to members
  • Reminder to use calendar on web site to schedule events


Membership & Outreach:

  • As reported



  • As reported


Ministry & Personnel:

  • No report



  • No report
  • Kathy Young and Gloria Mannell will attend the Extension Council AGM on June 4



  • No report
  • Regarding name to be placed on side of church – quotes not yet received


Worship & Music

  • As reported
  • Plans under way for 68th anniversary in September
  • Library Committee reports that they are a very active group – will be scheduling different book reviews


Board of Trustees:

  • No report
  • Lennox is looking to find a chairperson for the Trustees


Treasurer’s Report

  • As reported
  • $2400 received from Horseshoe Falls to cover Lennox’s absences on Region business


Regional Council Rep

  • As reported


Men’s Group

  • As reported


Women of Wesley

  • As reported


MotionThat Council approve January 16 committee reports (received January 16) as a docket.

Moved by:  Dave Reed                                   Seconded by:  Shelley Gault

Carried: Y


MotionThat Council approve February 20 and March 19 committee reports (received March 25) as a docket.

Moved by:  Del Fraipont                                             Seconded by:  Dave Reed

Carried: Y


MotionThat Council approve  April 10 and  May 21 committee reports as a docket.

Moved by:  Dave Reed                                                Seconded by: Bev Cutler

Carried: Y


Minister’s Report:

  • Attendance is steady; new and returning visitors
  • Different groups are involved in leading worship services; Youth in September, WOW for Mother’s Day
  • Visitation communion is happening
  • Pastoral care group will be meeting
  • Lennox has been involved as chaplain support at Brock University since February 2024
  • Meetings with Niagara College and Glendale School regarding involvement with Wesley
  • The passing of Kevin Gruhl has highlighted a gap in membership information; a membership intake form is being suggested
  • Day of Fellowship will include participation from Wesley people; attendance is encouraged; car pooling possible
  • VBS – July 8 to July 12 – 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. ; VBS Sunday on July 14


Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

  • Archives – Glen Moore has built shelves and the boxes are stored
  • Strategic plan discussion – Del questioned leadership of UCC in this type of planning (is there a manual or template to follow?) – Lennox suggested the need for a Youth Minister to be engaged
  • Vacation Bible School – see Minister’s Report
  • Church ad in newspaper – Betty Lane / Joan – Joan to follow up


New Business:

  • Should we have someone in the office when Shawn is away? – Ask for volunteers in What’s Up At Wesley – set up list
  • List of events from every committee – calendar on web site
  • Janet Rutherford, the Co-Chair of Council for FenwickUnited Church – regarding meeting to discuss “saving money and amalgamation” – Joan to follow up


Chairperson’s Remarks:

Thank you to everyone for coming to the meeting, for your ideas and discussion and for giving time to the church.

Think about the Strategic Plan Committee – who might be a good fit for this?


Closing Prayer: Dave Reed



Moved by: Wendy Reed                                  Seconded by: Shelley Gault

Carried: Y



Next Meeting:             Tuesday June 25, 2024 or by Call of the Chair



Chairperson:________________________________________ Joan Simpson



Secretary:__________________________________________ Hugh Graham