Property Committee

1.) Church Name Project. ….. having the church name put on the SW outside face of the church is moving forward. We have been working on letter layouts and materials of construction with the sign suppliers. Expecting to receive one quote before the council meeting on June 25/24.

2.) Cleaning of weeds along our parking lot curbs is scheduled to be done by July 4/24.

3.) Removal of scrap material from the downstairs storage room has started. One load to the dump so far.

4.) Robins Hall tables in need of some repairs. Work will be scheduled in the near future.

5.) Preparing and painting of outside walkway columns to be started week of June 24/24.

6.) Glendale school rented our Church facilities ( Sanctuary and Robins Hall) for their Gr. 8 Graduation ceremonies on Thursday June 20/24 from 5 p.m. till 8 pm. All went well with the graduation ceremonies in the Sanctuary and the families get together for conversation and refreshments in Robins Hall that followed. Many thanks to Dave Reed and Shawn McCart for coordinating with the school reps for the video presentation, music and microphone needs from the sound booth And Many thanks also to Wendy Reed and the WOW  girls for preparing and serving the refreshments and pastries to the group after the grad ceremonies. Also a thank you to Bea who had the Sanctuary , Robins hall and the rest of the Church looking Spic and Span.      Great job by the Wesley Team.

7.) The annual solar panel rental payment to be made to the Church by June 30/24. The annual rental income is $1800.00

Del Fraipont