Horseshoe Falls Regional Council

I continue to forward the HRFC newsletter to those individuals who request it and snippets which I think would be of interest to others

The Niagara Area United Churches (NAUC) meeting was held at Elm St. UC on June 15th with about 35 people in attendance.  NAUC was established to improve communication for those churches in the Niagara Region. It more or less replaces the former Niagara Presbytery and is open to everyone.

I attended the Tri Regional  (Horseshoe Falls, Antler River Watershed and Western Ontario Waterways Regional Councils)  May 24 to 26th held at the UNIFOR Centre in Port Elgin, Ontario.  This was my first Tri-Regional Conference and one I enjoyed a great deal.  I submitted a written report to the Chair of Council and also placed it in What’s Up At Wesley.  I wish to thank Wesley for covering my accommodation and gas to attend this conference.


Doug Willford