After the opening prayer offered by Rev. Lennox, the committee read a letter from the Women of Wesley regarding a quilt that had been donated to Wesley United Church by the quilting group. They requested the quilt be re-hung in the church or donated back to the Bailey family who contributed to its making. The quilt had been taken down as the United Church logo had changed. The committee decided to re-hang the quilt, location yet to be determined, along with some signage indicating the historical significance.

It was decided that an audio technician would not be needed, and that more people should be trained in the audio booth.

The memorial service on Feb. 25 was discussed. The committee wants to see the memorial service brought up in announcements each Sunday and in WUAW bulletin.

Wesley will be celebrating its 68th anniversary on Sept. 27, and planning is under way to make this a memorable event, although a larger anniversary is planned for the 70th.

Usage of the hymnary was discussed and it was decided Rev. Lennox would make sure that hymns used from it would be covered by the CCLI license the church uses.

W & M discussed having a handout of one folded sheet each Sunday outlining the order of service. A sample was presented and the committee was in favour of trying this out.

We are looking at a getting a photo of Christina to hang with the other past minister photos.

A member of the congregation requested a Bible and although it is a Christian development issue, Lennox offered them one from Bible Study Class.

Pulpit supply was discussed as Lennox will be away on regional business Feb. 18 and June 25.

Palm Sunday was discussed, and it will be mainly a musical service with several guest performers.

Keeping the church open all summer was discussed as well as Wesley having its own Good Friday Service beginning in 2025. More discussion on this topic will take place at future W&M meetings.

It was also discussed having a sunrise service on Easter Sunday beginning in 2025. The committee thought this was a great idea and will bring it back up.

W& M received a request from the property committee for input as they would like to charge our music director for use of the sanctuary to hold recitals. After consideration, and due to the fact past music directors have paid for the same space for recitals, the committee is in favour of this charge.

The Church has received a PRIDE flag from the United Church of Canada. Some members of the committee thought that displaying the PRIDE flag would be welcoming to only a small group of people and may drive people away from the church while others thought it was appropriate to support PRIDE and that showing support would not be excluding other marginalized groups. It was decided to bring this forward to Council and let Council decide.