Music Ministry

Although we often find wisdom within the written word of God, this is not the only medium through which the living word of God touches our spirits. Often music can stir the soul. Whether it is through the poetry of the words or the flight of the composition, music can often convey to us the joy and tears of God.

At Wesley we believe that music is one of the foundations of worship. However, we acknowledge that the principle choir is the congregation not those who offer an anthem each Sunday. The choir is here to support the congregational singing as well as offer a ministry through its music. It is not a presentation.

Under the guidance of our skilful director, Breanne Doekes, all those who enjoy singing may gather for a time of fellowship, learning and laughter during our Thursday evening practices, which begin at 7:30 in the sanctuary. Don’t read music? Not to worry. Many of our choir members have learned along the way. The purpose of our choir is to do more than make a beautiful sound with our voices but to make a beautiful sound with our hearts.

Marian Hyatt and the Chime Choir meet Thursday evening to practice their beautiful chimes.

Here at Wesley we believe in a blended worship service in order to touch the lives of the wide variety of people who call Wesley their home. Sometimes it is contemporary, sometimes traditional. Sometimes we jump with the children, sometimes we are moved by the classics. We are proud of our long and strong tradition of good music at Wesley and would love to share it with you. Or even better still, have you come and join us in praising God with voice and heart.